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The first edition of the "Code de la compliance Afrique" available in French and in Arabic has just been published in the print & Web versions. This code is intended to be an operational tool that meets the challenges of compliance practitioners, legal departments, etc., a transnational subject that is increasingly at the heart of the concerns of companies and administrations.

This code deals with compliance through its main themes: money-laundering, duty of vigilance, economic sanctions, etc. This processing makes it possible to combine clarity and direct access to the relevant texts. Objectives: to bring together, without national limitation, the most relevant texts, including texts from all African countries (54 countries); inside we find as follows:

  • Relevant legal and regulatory texts
  • Documents from competent authorities or organizations (GIABA, GABAC, ANRF, BAM, etc.)
  • Fundamental texts

It should be noted that the Code is continuously updated on www.cdcafrica.com with the online Code online (one-year access included), supplemented with numerous additional texts.

- A code commented by authors with complementary approaches. This code was possible thanks to the complementary approach of several leading compliance specialists.

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