Who are we?

Africa Verify

Africa Verify is a major player in the fields of professional information and technological solutions on the Compliance professions. With a complete range of connected services, Africa Verify provides a range of specialized business intelligence products to the public & private sectors.

Africa Verify started with a single information product based on the knowledge of public available data. From there, it quickly morphed into services dedicated to compliance within the framework of "knowledge of customers, suppliers, third parties..." and the fight against money laundering terrorism financing as well as proliferation. Its founding idea is to position itself on the "data" market with a particular focus on the African continent in the light of the difficulty of data collection in Africa. Several obstacles prevent rapid growth in the field of data in Africa, this includes the fact that access to the data and its usefulness are limited (Task Force on Data for African Development). As a result of these difficulties, the collection of data, which is essential on the African continent, is neither facilitated nor easy. Alongside the fact AfricaVerify is the only tool dedicated to compliance in the 54 countries of Africa, we also help our customers find the solutions for smart data compliance implementation.